Artist Statement
The essence of my art and creative work, as an autonomous being, is to represent all aspects of the human spirit and humankind - emphasizing the divergence in the processes of human thought.

Mission Statement
I'm a believer in hope, a visionary at work, a creative thinker.ย I am myself and the conglomeration of both triumphs and losses. To a varying degree, this shows up in my work.

About Myself
My name is Christopher Fornesa. I am an artist. ย I am a gay and queer artist. ย I am an autistic and disabled artist. ย I am a Pinoy/Filipino, Asian and Pacific Islander artist. ย I am an American artist. ย In every way that I am an artist, I am myself. ย I specialize in painting and drawing, however, I am looking to expand in other media, notably in graphic and web design.

About My Work
Essentially, I attempt to convey the human experience as I have witnessed it first-hand and as it has unfolded in my own life. ย Although as an individual I am very different from most, I feel as if my unique qualities and experiences translate into unique imagery in the pieces I create.
I also do my best to make my body of work a representation of how I feel at "the moment" and with each piece, I find out more and more about myself in terms of how I extend this idea of who I am as a person into the different techniques, mediums, and styles that I use in the creation of each piece. ย The essence of my artwork is the care and the effort I put into it. ย As I explore my artist's voice, I push the boundaries my mind sets in favor of new ways of working, simultaneously integrating learned methods in order to continuously develop my work. ย As static as the ideas and themes I aim to convey in my work may be, I do my best to ensure that the work itself appears as dynamic as possible in order to relate to the uncertainty of the human experience.

A portrait of the artist.

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