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I am a graduate of the University of Houston‘s undergraduate Liberal Studies program, with minors in Business Foundations, Political Science, and Studio Art. I have been taking graduate‐level classes from Liberty University as part of their Software Design and Management program and I currently work as a Network Engineer.

My online persona has developed since the day that I began to actually use it in elmeentary school and, thus, I have created several identities to manage it, including Fornesus and CftxP. Fornesus is my business persona and spans the breadth of my professional creative endeavors. CftxP, on the other hand, is my professional online identity. There is tremendous overlap between the breadth and scope of Fornesus and CftxP mainly because I see my business and personal life interact in direct terms with my personal interests.

About CftxP

It's story time! But the story's really just short and sweet. When you break it down, CftxP is simply composed of my initials, the state where I was raised and still reside, and Pokemon ‐ yep, Pokemon. As a young kid who was raised during the 2000's, I was (like other boys my age) obsessed with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other Japanese cultural exports at the time. I joined a Pokemon community that I was a part of for several years and, when prompted for a nickname, I just chose ‘CftxP’ (as I didn't want to use my original ‘Cftx93’ persona for some reason). I have stuck with the name for a while, and my first domain name, (which you are likely viewing right now), was an online manifestation of the identity that I developed. Throughout the years, CftxP has changed in meaning, scope, etc., but CftxP will always be a part of my identity. Other than the fact that I was too late in getting ‘’ (I had numerous chances to get it before I found out that it was bought during 2016 ‐ my mistake) I fully intend on ownership of the online identity that I have developed throughout the years.

Thus, I have decided that CftxP will now be the personification of my professional online persona, who will span everything from my personal development endeavors to my general creative career (Creative Portfolio), art career (Art Portfolio), programming career (Chris City), and writing career (Chris City) development endeavors. This is why I chose to link to several of my portfolios as a testament to my commitment to keeping my growth mindset, as I am a firm believer in the idea that you grow as you learn.

I can only hope that, one day, a search of ‘CftxP’ will yield a set of results that prove as a testament of the growth and evolution that I have undertaken as a human being.

Today is 03/30/2023